Injury Attorney in Savannah, GA

The Law Offices of Moebes understands how to handle the many different benefit claims for clients in the Savannah area. We work hard to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries and that Savannah area insurance companies pay you what you deserve. Our injury attorneys will evaluate the extent of your current situation and also take the time to determine if you are likely to suffer in any other ways in the near future.

Through our continuing legal education courses and personal trainings, The Law Offices of Moebes maintains a thorough knowledge base about injury case law and trial tactics. After 10 years of representing Savannah area clients in injury cases, The Law Offices of Moebes has learned many lessons on how to use the law to pursue a client's interests.

If you are making a injury claim, you are going to need the legal guidance that The Law Offices of Moebes can provide. We serve the Savannah area with legal services aimed at those who have been the victims of an injury due to a third party. In our 10 years of experience, we have seen all sorts of cases and we can bring this experience to your table. 

Time is a precious commodity in all injury cases. The Law Offices of Moebes is prepared to begin work on your case immediately before any rights are lost or relevant evidence is destroyed.  Our ability to spring into action in injury mattes is one thing that contributed to our good record. Over the 10 years we have practiced law, we have taken many cases to court in Savannah courts and won more than we have lost. Call us using the below information to put that reputation to work for you through and schedule a consultation:

The Law Offices of Moebes
3535 Piedmont Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 354-5432

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