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The Law Offices of Moebes has a focus on accident claims made by victims of negligence. We want to make sure that you are able to take care of all of your accident expenses in Wilmington Island by receiving the compensation you are entitled to. If you have been the victim of a catastrophe in Wilmington Island, The Law Offices of Moebes is here to help.

At The Law Offices of Moebes, we know how much the outcome of a accident case or claim can have on your life and your family’s future. At The Law Offices of Moebes, we have dedicated ourselves to helping those dealing with such important legal matters. In our years of service, we have helped clients across Wilmington Island move forward with their accident situation. The Law Offices of Moebes is ready to put our considerable experience and success to work for you.

A accident is no easy to matter to just toss aside and hope it gets resolved on its own. After an accident that results in a accident, you could find yourself having to be out of work, and perhaps paying for hospital bills in Wilmington Island that you just cannot afford. The Law Offices of Moebes helps you by providing legal representation that you can count on in court. 

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Our Wilmington Island accident attorneys represent clients who do not want to go through these claims alone. The Law Offices of Moebes is here to help you. Call us at (404) 354-5432, or come to our offices at 3535 Piedmont Rd. NE.


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