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Whether you are suffering from a fall, a repetitive motion injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or an accident that occurred as result of poorly maintained or faulty equipment; the Savannah Workers’ Compensation Attorneys can help. Employees can be victims of injuries in work environments of any type. Although many jobs have inherently unavoidable dangers due to the task, location, or environment; employers must make every effort possible to ensure the workers’ safety. Unfortunately, when this doesn’t happen, accidents and serious injuries can result.

If you or a loved one has suffered an on-the-job injury, you may be entitled by law to compensation above and beyond what your employer provides. The experienced and skilled Savannah workers’ compensation attorneys at Moebes Law can help you receive the benefits and/or settlement you deserve.


Experience, Knowhow & Integrity

With offices in Savannah and Atlanta, the experienced workers’ comp attorneys at Moebes Law have successfully represented injured people in Georgia workers’ comp cases, as well as personal injury and Social Security claims. Moebes Law is well known and respected throughout Georgia and as a result we a significant portion of our cases come from referrals and previous clients.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, our firm has the knowhow to guide you through the Georgia workers’ compensation system. Moebes Law will put our unique skills and qualifications to work for you immediately, representing all of your Savannah workers’ compensation claims and appeals. We can even help in medical disputes, personal injury cases, and matters of Social Security benefits.

Injured? Moebes Law can help

At Moebes Law, we understand that injuries in the workplace create difficult challenges for you and your family. The physical, emotional, and financial challenges can be too much to bear at times, and that is why we are here to help. When you reach out to our firm we will first seek to listen and learn. While we have extensive experience in cases like yours, we understand that every case is different and unique; and for that reason, we will listen to every detail of your accident and claim. We will consult with medical experts and specialist, and throughout the entire process we will make sure you are aware of all of your options and the appropriate compensation or benefits you deserve for your injuries. We have established relationships with experts and professionals in the area that will help us make sure you get the exact help you need.

At Moebes Law, we work hard every day to protect the rights and seek justice for those who are wronged. At our firm, we will be in your corner, and we will help you get the compensation or benefits you deserve.

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Moebes Law is devoted to helping injured workers in Savannah, Atlanta, and throughout Georgia receive the benefits or compensation they deserve call us at (404) 354-5432 or go to our contact page for more assistance. We look forward to fighting for you.

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